The Center for Open Source Technologies, is a research and advocacy organization for open source technologies. A special emphasis is placed on the intersection of cutting edge technologies and emerging ethics. We support development programs to ensure the democratization of technology is ethically achieved in a manner that optimizes for self-actualization instead of profit. We also produce reports on various emerging technologies and trends to ensure ethical issues are exposed and addressed.

We have a wide range of programs and projects that support various open source technologies for a wide range of organizations ranging from rural to state level. We endeavor to enable civic minded organizations to migrate to “paperless” platforms and support rapid modernization in front-line communities which are affected by climate change.

Our research programs regularly develop reports on AI safety and ethical issues to ensure that challenges with the alignment problem are explored, such as in situations when AI optimizes for profit instead of sometimes difficult to quantify intrinsic values such as human rights. Our aim is to minimize damage from the disruptions across the economy as a consequence of not only technological change but also climate change.

We also develop solutions to public policy challenges to help make communities throughout the world safer and more productive in optimizing for sustainable growth and circular economies. We utilize open source technologies and methodologies to these ends.


The Center for Open Source Technologies was founded in 2011 to provide technical support to grassroots organizing, with some initial success there were also many setbacks and this is the 3rd iteration of the website. 


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