For DiEM, the nextcloud instance is available at

By default, our instances offer:

Files for private cloud based file storage This application enables users to share files within Nextcloud. If enabled, the admin can choose which groups can share files. The applicable users can then share files and folders with other users and groups within Nextcloud. In addition, if the admin enables the share link feature, an external link can be used to share files with other users outside of Nextcloud. Admins can also enforce passwords, expirations dates, and enable server to server sharing via share links, as well as sharing from mobile devices. Turning the feature off removes shared files and folders on the server for all share recipients, and also on the sync clients and mobile apps.

Talk for private group communication and collaborative document editing. Chat, video & audio-conferencing using WebRTC

💬 Chat integration! Nextcloud Talk comes with a simple text chat. Allowing you to share files from your Nextcloud and mentioning other participants.

👥 Private, group, public and password protected calls! Just invite somebody, a whole group or send a public link to invite to a call.

💻 Screen sharing! Share your screen with participants of your call. You just need to use Firefox version 52 (or newer), latest Edge or Chrome 49 (or newer) with this Chrome extension.

🚀 Integration with other Nextcloud apps like Files, Contacts and Deck. More to come.

Text app- ** 📝 Collaborative document editing!**

📝 Focused writing: No distractions, only the formatting you need. 🙋 Work together: Share and collaborate with friends and colleagues, no matter if they use Nextcloud or not! 💾 Open format: Files are saved as Markdown, so you can edit them from any other text app too. ✊ Strong foundation: We use 🐈 tiptap which is based on 🦉 ProseMirror – huge thanks to them!

LibreSign – This is a libre digital PDF signature app for Nextcloud

✍️ Sign PDF documents using digital signature ⚠️ Setup of this app requires access to terminal and even getting your hands dirty with installation of additional software. See setup instructions for details.

E-mail with the account domain, which shields from private email harvesting.

Circles which supports horizontal approach to group organisation and co-working. Circles allows your users to create their own groups of users/colleagues/friends. Those groups of users (or ‘circles’) can then be used by any other app for sharing purpose (files, social feed, status update, messaging, …). Different type of circles can be created:

A personal circle is a list of users known only to the owner. This is the right option if you want to do recurrent sharing with the same group of people.

A public circle is an open group visible to anyone willing to join. Your circle will be visible to everyone and everyone will be able to join the circle.

A closed circle requires invitation or confirmation by an admin. This is the right circle if you are looking for privacy when sharing your files or ideas.

An Secret circle is an open group that can be protected by a password. Users won’t be able to find this Circle using Nextcloud search engine.

Calendars which can be shared while still maintaining control of the data Appointments – Book appointments into your calendar via secure online form. Attendees can confirm or cancel their appointments via an email link.

Polls which can make democratic decision making much more quick and easy. A polls app, similar to doodle/dudle with the possibility to restrict access (members, certain groups/users, hidden and public).

Forms which can be easily made by anyone to carry out surveys Simple surveys and questionnaires, self-hosted!

📝 Simple design: No mass of options, only the essentials. Works well on mobile of course. 📊 View & export results: Results are visualized and can also be exported as CSV in the same format used by Google Forms. 🔒 Data under your control! Unlike in Google Forms, Typeform, Doodle and others, the survey info and responses are kept private on your instance. 🙋 Get involved! We have lots of stuff planned like more question types, collaboration on forms, and much more!

Weather app which allows tracking of weather anywhere in the world.

Tasks lists which are shareable, for ensuring groups always know what needs to be done next, as well as what has been completed. From there you can add and delete tasks, edit their title, description, start and due dates and mark them as important. Tasks can be shared between users. Tasks can be synchronized using CalDav (each task list is linked to an Nextcloud calendar, to sync it to your local client – Thunderbird, Evolution, KDE Kontact, iCal, … – just add the calendar as a remote calendar in your client). You can download your tasks as ICS files using the download button for each calendar.

*Planned but not currently available* Electronic healthcare records tracking for volunteers in disaster zones.

Pico CMS for fast and easy internal communication on the latest work developments. Pico CMS for Nextcloud combines the power of Pico and Nextcloud to create simple, secure, shareable and amazingly powerful websites with just a few clicks. Pico is a stupidly simple, blazing fast, flat file CMS – making the web easy.

Start a blog Share your resume with the world Create a plan for world domination and only share with the right friends Build a knowledge base and let the smart ones among your colleagues help out Installing Pico CMS for Nextcloud allows your users to create and manage their own websites. Creating a new page with Pico is no more than creating a simple text file in a users’ Nextcloud files. No config is required, no utterly complex management interfaces – just files. It’s the perfect match with Nextcloud. Secure Sharing, Collaboration, Access Control – not just for your files, but also your websites, all made possible by Pico CMS for Nextcloud! Breaking the boundaries between your Mobile & Desktop devices and your Server.

Websites will be accessible through URLs like and consist of just a bunch of .md text files in a user’s Nextcloud files. .md stands for Markdown – a super simple and intuitive markup to create headings, paragraphs, text formatting, lists, images and links. But don’t despair – you don’t have to learn yet another language if you don’t want to. Consider enabling Nextcloud’s Markdown Editor app to make easy things stupidly simple. Please note that Nextcloud’s built-in Text editor is incompatible with Pico CMS for Nextcloud. But what about meta data like a page’s title or release date? Guess right, it’s all in one place. At the top of your Markdown files you can place a block with such meta data – called the YAML Front Matter. Creating websites can’t be easier…

But that wasn’t everything… Pico CMS for Nextcloud is highly customizable. You can change Pico’s appearance by using custom themes and add new functionality by using custom plugins. For security reasons users can neither add custom themes nor plugins on their own – but as an admin you can. Plugins and themes aren’t just new “skins” or “widgets”, the underlying technologies are powerful frameworks you can leverage to make your users’ websites truly unique. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Pico CMS for Nextcloud does its best to prevent users from including scripts into websites, since this might bear security risks (so called “Cross Scripting”). Since this risk doesn’t apply to Pico itself, 3rd-party developers of plugins and themes might not be aware of this issue – so be careful when installing custom plugins and themes.

Collaborative tags – Collaborative tagging functionality which shares tags among users. Great for teams. (If you are a provider with a multi-tenancy installation, it is advised to deactivate this app as tags are shared.)

Collectives – Collectives is a Nextcloud App for activist and community projects to organize together. Come and gather in collectives to build shared knowledge. 👥 Collective and non-hierarchical workflow by heart: Collectives are tied to a Nextcloud Circle and owned by the collective. 📝 Collaborative page editing like known from Etherpad thanks to the Text app. 🔤 Well-known Markdown syntax for page formatting.

Community Document Server – Document server for OnlyOffice, community edition.

The community document server is designed to make it easy to get OnlyOffice running in a Nextcloud instance without the need to setup an external document server, the community document server does not support all features of the official OnlyOffice document server and does not provide the same performance and scalability. If you are setting up a larger instance or require the additional performance, please see for options for getting the official document server.

Announcement center – This app allows admins to post announcements. Also supports the following features:

⚡ Activities (Requires the activity app to be enabled) 📑 Comments 👪 Group permissions 🔔 Notifications (Requires the notifications app to be enabled)

MindMap – This application enables Nextcloud users to open, save and edit mind map files in the web browser. If enabled, an entry in the New button at the top of the web browser the Mindmap file entry appears. When clicked, a new mindmap file opens in the browser and the file can be saved into the current Nextcloud directory.

OwnPad – Ownpad is a Nextcloud application that allows to create and open Etherpad and Ethercalc documents.

PDF annotations – PDF annotations for Nextcloud Annotate any PDF document collaboratively inside Nextcloud. Select “Annotate” from the context menu of PDF files to open the annotation mode.

Sendent – Sendent allows you to securely exchange files and emails. Sendent is linked to Microsoft Outlook, so you can continue to work from your trusted email program while you mail more easily and securely. Very useful, for example, to share privacy-sensitive documents or content or to send attachments that are normally too large to email. All files are uploaded to your personal Nextcloud environment from which you determine who has access to them.

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