For our new client, the DiEM collective, several demo services have been deployed to serve as an example of how online coordination could be, which could serve to extend, and not replace, the current DiEM website.

Users can start by signing up for an account in the demo environment here:

Once that account is created, it should use the same login across several services. The first being a chat server.

There are several ways to access the chat server, you can use the web interface here:

Or you can download the desktop or mobile app here: https://rocket.chat/install/

There are also installers available for Linux and other platforms here: https://github.com/RocketChat/Rocket.Chat.Electron/releases/

Once installed, simply set the “server address” to https://ucs.diem.open.ngo/rocketchat

The primary collaboration platform is nextcloud:

There are also two different approaches to project management outside of nextcloud, I went for a plurality because different groups will have different working styles when it comes to project management.

One popular project management software is OpenProject which can be accessed here:

And the other, sometimes more visually oriented project management option is WeKan, which is very similar to trello, can be accessed here: